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11. Apr, 2022

Lesley Stanley

Karen visited today to offer help with my puppy jumping and pulling on lead. Her advice and training was brilliant and I will be implementing what she taught me with a follow up in a month.

21. Mar, 2022

Mariana Gomez-Pablos

I contacted Karen seeking guidance with our very nervous and anxious Cockapoo. After just one session the difference is great. Karen approach is very straight forward and has help me understand what it is that our dogs actually need. We know we still have
a long way to go but feel for the first time that we are going in the right direction! Thanks!!

10. Mar, 2022


Highly recommended. I was at such a loss with conflicting internet advice trying to do my best with unruly pup. Since I met Karen, the barking and reactive behaviour is now well under control.

He doesn’t even attempt to get on the sofa - it’s so nice to have it all back to myself!

We’ve also got some good walking buddies who have helped him immensely with what good walking looks like.

I can’t thank Karen enough for her insight, wisdom and helpful encouragement.

6. Dec, 2021

Lynda Mannings

I can’t believe the difference already. Karen has opened our eyes to what our dog needs. We are finally on the right path to becoming knowledgeable dog owners.

5. Dec, 2021

Nicky Cashmore

I eventually called Karen as advised by my trainer Gemma, to help with my extremely anxious dog (Chihuahua) Ace. Ace has always shown signs of suffering with Anxiety and now he has turned a year I needed to understand it better, understand him more to give
him and us/my family a better life together without feeling I had to constantly apologise to people for his behaviour and to equally gain some confidence in the matter! I was reserved at first, worried Karen would see something more but I needn’t have. She
advised I changed a few things, made me “train my brain” more to realise Ace needed me to step up when feeling particularly anxious in situations. To assess and put into action simple tactics to make him feel more “secure” and that both he and I could “handle”
this - in any situation we might be faced with. The main thing I’ve learnt is it’s more to do with me, “The Owner” as to how situations unfold. Ace is “my dog” he is so loving and so loved and he responds well to my command, even better now I’ve found the
confidence to assert myself more because I understand him more which is all thanks to Karen! Both my boys can be handfuls, they can dislike other dogs and people but it’s how we react to the situation that can change the outcome for the better. We have already
made massive progress and in time (and with the advice of Karen), I am expecting only good things along with a more calm and controlled future. Thank you Karen, your help, advice and support.

8. Nov, 2021

Sue Francis

Recently, we had a really good experience when Karen- DogMa - came to our home to assist us with Boris our 17 month old Jack Russell terrier who had several issues or maybe we did!!

Even after one session there was a vast difference. No more demand barking .....

So, after a further visit which involved lead training, Boris will now walk politely by your side. Karen will give you the confidence to train your dog. Our vet introduced us to Karen and in turn we highly recommend DogMa for any of your dogs behavioural problems.

Sue Francis

14. Oct, 2021

Alison Heath

2 very happy dogs after Karen spent a session with us. She gave us the confidence to help and train them. Just brilliant

10. Aug, 2021


I gave Karen a ring after having some problems with my dog, a 7 month old border collie called Frida. It was getting to the point where she was unworkable on walks and visits to other peoples homes.

Karen showed me how to change my behaviour and make some really simple adjustments to how I behaved which absolutely transformed her behaviour more or less immediately. 24 hours later and she is a happier, calmer and more relaxed dog who is a pleasure to walk
and have around the house.

Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, my only regret was not calling Karen earlier!

3. Aug, 2021

Emily Wright


I was wondering what your prices were for 1-on-1 walking training please?

Our dog Yoyo (German shepherd 1 years old) is lovely but always pulls towards other dogs on walks. It would be great to get some help.



15. May, 2021

Suzie Corsie-MacKay

We called Karen after thinking our 6 month old cocker spaniel had come from a 'bad batch' and was constantly wired. Turns out it was the poor pup who got sold a duff!!! We had no clue, so as a result, no wonder he didn't either. Karen has taught us so
much in just 2 hours. Our life, including the dogs is so much more peaceful and content already. We have a long road ahead but cannot thank or recommend Karen enough!!

12. May, 2021


I asked for Karen’s help with my cocker spaniel, Sansa. Karen is very knowledgeable and has been a huge help for us to understand how best to train our dog. I had a follow up session with her yesterday and she’s always happy to help and guide on more techniques.

If you are looking for help with your pup I highly recommend Karen!

26. Apr, 2021

Dawn and Kyra

We had been struggling with our 1 year old Sprocker Ziggy as he was acting like a stroppy teenager! He took to Karen immediately on her first visit. She put us right in so many things we were doing wrong without realising. Instead of teaching Ziggy, she
taught us. Karen made us realise we were humanising him and treating him like our little toddler rather than the dog he is! She gave us lots of good advice and a much better understanding of Ziggy. Would highly recommend Karen for any dog behaviour problems.
Ziggy benefited from just 2 sessions. He is now a happier a happy dog and we are very happy owners. Thank you Karen x

17. Dec, 2020


We have just had our first session with Karen and I couldn’t be more happy. She did a great job of explaining our role as dog owners and started us off with some great advice and reassurance and some things to work on before we see her next. I feel positive
that her advice is going to create a positive relationship between us and our puppy.

17. Nov, 2020

Ian Dean

Karen has really helped me to better understand my cockapoo and to change my relationship with her to in turn improve her behaviour. Great advice and guidance.

25. Oct, 2020


Well, we thought it was hopeless! We even got to the point of looking at rehoming our dog, but one session with Karen and our dog is already completely different - and so am I! I am more confident with her which makes her more confident and receptive.
Thanks to Karen I know what I need to do to help my dog and address her issues. Now it’s up to me to practise and show my dog she can trust me.

15. Oct, 2020


My German Shepard and I had our first meeting with Karen yesterday and it left me feeling more positive than I have in a while (and my dog was shattered!). We had the best intentions when we got our dog but 4 years ago but we were having real problems.
Karen was able to shed so much light on the situation and helped me understand how and why my dog is feeling and acting the way she is. She really got my dog and was incredibly knowledgeable. We’ve got 4 years of mistakes to undo but the progress after just
one session was great and I’m really looking forward to the next.

19. Sep, 2020

Louise Pryer

We asked Karen to help us with our 12 week old cockerpoo, Poppy who we really want grow into a well balance dog.

Wow! 1 day of using Karen’s tips and training methods and we can already see a dramatic difference. No more jumping up or nipping at ankles and my little boy can now enter the room without being greeted by an over excited puppy jumping all over him. Looking
forward to our follow up to learn more tips 🐾

17. Sep, 2020


We called Karen after we needed training and understanding of our 16 month old cockapoo, Walter. We could see the difference when she showed us the new approaches. Now it’s homework for us until our follow up with Karen 🐾 Thank you

19. Aug, 2020

Terri Davis

Met Karen for the first time today. As soon as Karen entered my home, I could see a subtle change in my 8month Jackapoo, Olive. Karen understood exactly where I was going wrong in my attempts to communicate with Olive, and explained to me how to 'speak'
dog, (silently!) Karens' common sense approach allowed me to see clearly how to go forward with improving Olives social skills and obedience. Karen has inspired me to working positively with Olive so that both of us can fully enjoy each others company. Thank
you Karen, I have already started in the garden this evening, using whistle/reward for reverse recall 😉

14. Jul, 2020

Christine Saunders

If you want a well balanced dog to enjoy then call Karen . After talking to her she explained how I needed to change my approach to get the results that i wanted . Karen put me at ease and calmly showed me how to react with my pups. Straight away they
showed improvement and we have been able to walk with some confidence. I have homework now until the follow up and will not fail her or my pups. Thankyou Karen for showing me that I now have a future with them and I am looking forward to it . X

11. Mar, 2020

Chris C

Thank you Karen for your invaluable insight and expertise. I realise how much I was doing incorrectly and we now have a vastly improved situation after just one consultation.

You have given me the confidence to make progress with my new boy and we look forward to practising ready for when we next see you (I’ll be a changed owner!).

18. Feb, 2020

Sharon & Lee Snashfold

Karen came to our house for a 1-1 with Fia, our daughter's Romanian rescue who has trust issues and is nervous of new people, dogs, bikes, cows etc... She took to Karen immediately which bowled us over as it usually takes her quite some time and in no
time at all she was even resting her head on Karen's feet. We learnt a lot during the short time Karen was with us and have a much better understanding of Fia. Karen trained us well and we are putting her methods into practice! Fia was even introduced to Karen's
dog without a problem which is not usual for Fia. Thanks Karen and we look forward to our follow up

9. Feb, 2020


We had our first session last week with Karen and our seven month old German shepherd, Ella. Karen was straight away confident and calming with Ella, and straight talking with us. Already in these few days, by using the simple techniques shown to us by Karen,
we can see an improvement in Ella’s behaviour and also our relationship with Ella. We’d highly recommend and we think anyone who has a new dog should have an input from Karen!

8. Feb, 2020

James, Fabienne & Poppy

We contacted Karen as our 4 year old Rescue Pug x Terrier called Poppy had anxiety and behavioural issues. For months she wasn't able to approach other dogs without excessive barking and protective behaviour and was very protective and anxious at times
within the home.

After only a 2 hour session with Karen we learnt how to effectively correct both Poppy’s and our behaviour and put this into practice immediately. Our very first walk after the session we met a group of 4 dogs and Poppy was able to interact and sniff and be
sniffed in a very relaxed manner with no barking or signs of anxiety :-)

Not only can we see that Poppy feels more relaxed and confident, but we are also filled with more confidence going out for walks now.

We look forward to seeing what we can achieve over the next couple weeks before our next session with Karen.

9. Jan, 2020

Heather Ashley

Heather Ashley says"In my short time with Karen, what she doesn't know about dog behaviour isn't worth knowing! We reached out to Karen to help with our two rescues who are 2 years old. Being a dog lover I thought I understood dogs - oh how I was wrong...
Karen showed me a completely different approach and it worked!!

In only a few hours I can't believe the change in behaviour, it's been incredible. What's also great to see is the joy as my boys use the training techniques and love it 😍😍

Suffice to say if you need help or advice on dog behaviour DogMa Dog School is the place to go. Thank you Karen today was a truly enlightening experience and I'm looking forward to continue the practice you showed us today and see you for a follow up in the

26. Oct, 2019

Grace Beisley

We have been struggling for a while now to take our beloved dog for walks, he becomes anxious and sometimes aggressive. After just one 121 behaviour and training session we feel more in control and confident! We look forward to the future and continuing
her training. Thank you so much Karen.

5** would highly recommend.

17. Jul, 2019


We contacted Karen based on recommendation and so far we are very impressed by her dog management skills. In a single no nonsense, straight talking session she helped us identify where we have not been helping ourselves or our dog and provided simple solutions
to apply on a daily basis. We are already in a better place with our faithful hound and look forward to continuing to work with Karen to keep improving.

8. Jul, 2019

Laura Poole

After previous poor experiences with both positive reward dog trainers and behaviourists booked a session with Karen. I can honestly say it’s the only time I’ve witnessed our 6 year old dog not respond aggressively to an unfamiliar dog...this was all within
one session! Karen’s straight forward advice has left us confident we know what we need to do to help our dog. Looking forward to seeing positive results!!

14. Jun, 2019


Karen came over to see us about our newly adopted Malinois. We had a 2 hour session where she helped us better understand the needs of our new girl and how best to train her. Karen gave me some tips on how to show a more positive stance which would help
our Mali to respect me more. In the last week or so, there has been an improvement in our girls behaviour and she is picking up new commands so quickly!

24. May, 2019

Claire Whittaker

Just had our first session with Karen for our Border Collie puppy Jaxon. We wanted help with his growling and barking at new people and dogs. I was starting to feel nervous walking him because of this issue. After just one session we saw a marked improvement
in our pup, with him even ignoring a passing person and 2 curious cats in the street, something that up until now would never have happened. Karen took time to talk to us about how Jaxon views the world as opposed to how we view it to help us better understand
why he is behaving the way he is. She also pointed out the small things I was unconsciously doing which were having a negative impact on his behaviour. I cannot stress how much more confident we feel after speaking to Karen and we are now looking forward to
putting what she has taught us into practice and watching our boy become the amazing dog we know he will be.

Highly recommended 👍👍

21. May, 2019

Sally McCallion

I found Karen on the internet and wanted training for both of my gsd as my previous gsd had a few issues with aggression towards other dogs I did not want the same issues with my new pups I have just done the 2 hour consultation and already there are some
great changes Karen has a no nonsense attitude towards training for both humans and their dogs I found my first experience excellent and would recommend Karen.

17. May, 2019

Cheryl Rogers

Karen has made a huge difference to both my dogs. Within one visit she identified the problem I was causing and with a couple of very simple changes both my dogs are behaving beautifully. Karen is straight forward and works from the point of view of the
dog, she has a wonderful understanding of their needs which she is able to communicate clearly to the client. In her group work she maintains discipline and safety for clients and dogs, and whilst the class is a general one for all, everyone gets specific
attention to their needs and she is particularly careful to make sure everyone is included regardless of their dogs level of training. You could not fail to be impressed with her ability to change the behaviours of both dogs and owners.

18. Apr, 2019

Kim Robson

We rescued Buddy, a 9 months old Malinois/shepherd cross, four weeks ago and needed some guidance on a few issues which were getting out of hand. Karen arrived for the 1:1 and her advice and guidance was exactly what was needed and within minutes Buddy
was responding in a positive way, as were we! The 1:1 was booked for 2 hours but Karen stayed and worked with us for longer than the booked 2 hours. She left us with simple steps to follow to reinforce the work we started today and I have no doubt that we
will continue to see improvements in Buddy's behaviour over the coming weeks and months.

9. Apr, 2019

Susan Billington

Thank you Karen! My two dogs, a pointer and a lab were ruling the household. Now I have a strategy and can see light ahead. After one session the situation improved markedly - walking well on the lead, no longer barking at the TV etc. I have plenty of
work to do, but with concrete exercises I can envisage a time when they will be a joy to have around.

19. Mar, 2019

Sue Stansford

As most of you know, I've a little dog 2&half years old called "Harry", he's a little shi_, he thinks he's the boss, partly my fault, well things had to change, so I got in touch with a lovely lady who's a fantastic" Dog Trainer ", Karen Dogma Harvey.
Karen came round to the house to see Harry,

OMG, I couldn't believe my eyes, Karen was absolutely brilliant, Harry was a totally different dog,. Karen showed me how to sort Harry out, Karen's training is unbelievable, Harry was putty in her hands, I wrote down some notes to remind me of what to do, and
a week of doing what Karen taught me, I have now got a lovely little Harry who now knows that he is not the "Boss. "I would definitely recommend Karen Dogma Harvey. My friends have also noticed a change in Harry when they come to the house, he's calmer and
does as he is told. I still keep up with the training, but am very grateful to this lady.. Xx

21. Feb, 2019


Just one session with Karen and our 2 year old Cavapoo has responded brilliantly to her training tips. We would thoroughly recommend!

Website 14. Dec, 2018

Elaine Brown

Just had a worthwhile session. Lots of good advice and making me aware that I am inconsistent. I called Linda in as my husband has Alzheimer’s and the puppy thinks he is a soft touch and bullies him! Linda was brilliant at explaining to Alan the problem
and solution.

Website 24. Nov, 2018


A lot of interesting information, keep up the good :)

17. Sep, 2018

Maria Leach

Karen came to us after being recommended by a friend. She instantly knew the behaviour of our dog. Unfortunately , we had, unknowingly, allowed him to rule the roost. He seemed to be totally in control of our family home and he was only three! This was
not his fault at all, but ours. Karen quickly took control and after advising us of the stress he was under by feeling he was protecting us, training aids were put in place and we instantly felt we had control back and, therefore, taking this big pressure
from our dog’s shoulders. We have continued with Karen’s advice and definitely see a change at home. His behaviour is much better and he is also more loving towards us. The training is still ongoing, but we feel very confident that by continuing with Karen’s
advice and tools we will have a happy home and happy dog . We can’t thank you enough Karen.

21. May, 2018


We couldn't recommend Karen enough. We had problems with our dog guarding her food and after one session with her, we had absolutely no problems at all, and she was happy to eat in front of us. We can't thank her enough as its changed our home lives massively.

16. May, 2018

Wendy Gardner

Wendy Gardner reviewed DogMa Dog School – 5 stars

Karen is a genius! After no more than 5 minutes she had Vinnie (my daughter's 12 week old Patterdale X) walking at her side, answering to his name and being a very calm and composed puppy. She had the same effect on my puppy Ralph.

She is a brilliant trainer with a down to earth, no nonsense approach & I wish every dog owner could benefit from her teaching. Thank you Karen for showing an old lady who has never had a dog in her 75 years, how to manage and get beautifully trained Ralph.

16. May, 2018

Susan KIng

Susan King reviewed DogMa Dog School – 5 stars

We were so delighted with Karen it is the first time ever Lewis our year old springer has walked without pulling. Everything she said made sense. We are looking forward to putting everything into practice. She has instilled confidence in us to achieve a Happy
well adjusted springer.

We have now attended our first group class. We absolutely loved it. Great chance for Lewis to try out his new skills. Karen is a great teacher such clear instructions and the class is a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Definitely looking forward to going again
next week.

16. May, 2018

Sophia Taglialavore

Sophia Taglialavore reviewed DogMa Dog School – 5 stars

Started taking our 10month rescue pup to Karen’s Sunday morning classes to help with his pulling and improve my relationship and confidence. Within a few mins of meeting Karen our pup was walking loose lead and well behaved. We’ve been going to her classes
ever since and he’s a much better dog for it! Her classes are very informative but not overwhelming and easy exercises to practice at home! I have also recommended her to several friends!

16. May, 2018

Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill reviewed DogMa Dog School – 5 stars

Can not thank Karen enough, the change in my little man frank, is unbelievable would definitely recommend Karen for 1-1. I also felt very comfortable leaving frank with Karen for 3 nights and he will definitely be going to stay with Karen again. Enjoy walks
with frank no more stress.

8. Mar, 2018

Julie Galpin

Karen was great at identifying the issues we had with our dog, and knew straight away all the steps we needed to take to get things back on track. Our pooch responded straight away and we feel confident we can stick to the training and have a happy dog
and happy owners very soon! It was great to have someone with us to observe our dog in her home environment and demonstrate the actions needed. I only wish we had called her sooner!!

20. Feb, 2018

Debra Staton

Can thoroughly recommend Karen Harvey (Dog Ma) for her help with Colin. Dog walks are now much more enjoyable, and we are both learning how to conquer his anxiety problems. 😁😁

1. Nov, 2017

Kerry Jupe

Wow Karen Harvey you are simply the best.There are not enough words to say what a amazing talented lady you are.Today you have given me so much confidence and guidance I am turely grateful.I have had so much pleasure taken Barney for a walk and watching
him enjoy himself OFF the lead with other dogs something that I didn't think would be possible.Anyone with a small or big problem with their dog please don't hesitate just give Karen a call. ITS SO WORTH IT ! Regards Kerry Barney and Lucy

17. Oct, 2017

colleen olymbios

Hi Karen just a big Thankyou for your help and guidance. With larney our german shepherd from Cyprus. The problem we had was recall , after our first one to one larney and I have learnt so much. We enjoy our walks now and 99% of the time her recall is
brilliant. The best thing I have done this year is to pick up the phone and give Karen a call . Thankyou I would highly recommend 😊

11. Oct, 2017

Maureen Perrett

I would highly recommend Karen I’m so very grateful to her.

We rehomed a small five – year old cross breed from Battersea Dogs Home in July this year. We were told he was very vocal to other dogs and they were not wrong.

His behaviour towards other dogs was not just vocal but aggressive. I dreaded walking him and was advised by one behaviourist not to take him out in public without a muzzle. After three two hourly sessions she could not help me anymore. I felt very alone at
that point.

On Sunday 1st October I had had enough I felt I could no longer cope with him, he was uncontrollable, and all I could see was an eleven inch high ferocious lion ready to rip apart any dog that came within sniffing distance of him.

I even called Battersea to start the process of giving him back.

That’s when I had one last ditch to get help and I contacted Karen, the moment I met Karen I knew here was a lady who knows what she is talking about, she’s direct, gets straight to the point and takes no nonsense. Within less than an hour Karen had Jackson
waking side by side with her nine month old Pug, I was speechless and so relieved, her knowledge and skill with dogs is breath taking.

Thank you again Karen, you have made our family very happy, you have given me the confidence I needed and happy to know we can offer Jackson his forever home. We still have a way to go in socialising him, setting boundaries and teaching him respect.

Warmest regards

Maureen and Andy.

Website 19. Sep, 2017

Ann Richardson

Karen was so informative and knowledgeable. She had our miniature dachshund puppy following commands in the space of a few minutes. Looking forward to putting ou're new knowledge into practice and enforcing respect and happiness with our new pup. Would
highly recommend her 1 to 1 service. Happy dog happy family !

12. Sep, 2017


Karen is like a breath of fresh air...within half an hour she had my Cockerpoo bitch at ease and our puppy literally under her spell.

We were having trouble with a nervous girl around strangers and food aggression, quite upsetting having always had dogs.

But karen has a very kind and positive approach to showing a way forward to suit everyone's family household. I would never hesitate in recommending her and will look forward to working with her and my dog at her training sessions.

27. Jul, 2017

Hazel Millington

Since seeing you we were lucky enough to be accommodated in the Three Legged Cross agility class for beginners which also incorporated agility training and handling skills. Lottie's been 3 times now and with the training you provided us and this combined,
she's like a totally different dog! We've not been bitten or pulled since we saw you back on July 7th. She's also been more responsive at home and now seems to get that we are in charge, not her! In addition, the training has included offlead walking and recall
is going well!!

We are continuing to do the classes (purely as I can't come to yours on a weekend due to my working commitments) with TLC to increase our learning with Lottie.

Thank you so much for everything you did for us. It was hard but we embraced everything you said and the benefits started happening immediately. We and Lottie are living much more harmoniously now.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you and your services to anyone.

With warmest regards and many. many thanks

Hazel, Jake and Lottie xx

23. Jul, 2017

Rebecca Dodman

I adopted a four- year old cocker spaniel last year. I absolutely adore him but soon became worried about his aggressive behaviour towards some dogs, whether he was on or off the lead as well the barking and shrieking that he did every time someone came
to the house. A friend suggested that I got in touch with Karen, which I did. From the moment Karen came into the house, she knew what to do and brought about a real change, almost instantly. She taught me how to understand what he was doing and why and then
gave me the confidence and strategies to use to control him. He is a wonderful dog and thanks to Karen' s experience and encouragement, he is becoming much more sociable with other dogs and enjoys play too. I am also less stressed because I know what I can
do to help him and it works.

She invited us to join her dog training session today and we have just got home, having had a great time and lots of fun things to do.

Thank you so much Karen. You have been terrific! Spikey and I are looking forward to more fun next week.

3. Jul, 2017


I had avoided further training with my Collie X, Mo, for nearly a year due to my loss of confidence following some aggression issues. Karen very quickly explained what had caused the problem and how best to deal with moving on. I had a 2 hour consultation
that left me feeling much less anxious. When Karen suggested I bring Mo to the dog training class I really felt that Mo and I could give it a go. He was so much calmer and less stressed than I thought he would be (me as well!) I can't wait to try out the new
techniques I have been taught. Really looking forward to working with Mo and to stop avoiding situations that I feel difficult. Here's to happy walking again! Thanks very much Karen for your understanding and not making me feel like a bad dog owner. :-)

25. Apr, 2017

Clare Stainer

I delayed in writing this review as I wanted to ensure that Billy my two year old Staffie had not been put under a spell (lol) I kid you not the change in behaviour was almost instantaneous. Secondly to ensure that the advise that Karen gave us during
our initial meeting was put into practice and Billy would to respond. We contacted Karen as Billy was running the household he would greet visitors by jumping and barking if he couldn't get near, he would not listen to simple commands and life was becoming
stressful, dog walks consisted of being dragged by a 20k dog to whatever took his interest. Karen was very professional she knew instantly how to get Billy respond to her and then showed us what we needed to do, I am no longer dragged around Poole Billy walks
in step and listens to commands he now greets visitors calmly there is still a little way to go, but hey we only had one session I can't wait to see the continued improvement.

20. Apr, 2017

Carol Abbott

Met Karen for the first time today with regards to our beautiful 14mth, mastiff, Jay. She made time to listen and was fantastic with him. Some brilliant advice and hands on training. Took him for a road walk after she left .. didn't know he was there really,
it was bliss ... here's to a new start � x

Website 5. Apr, 2017


Excellent website. It proved helpful to me!

3. Apr, 2017

Caroline Price

We contacted Karen for help after she came highly recommended by a friend. We had recently introduced a very young German Shepherd into our family and to our 10 year old Chocolate Labrador. We were slightly anxious about the new arrival and we were looking
for 'advice' on how to best integrate her into the family as well as help with training going forward. Karen's straightforward approach gave us confidence on how to deal with undesirable behaviour and her explanations from the dogs view were extremely valuable.
Our puppy is relaxed and settled thanks to Karen expertise. We look forward to continuing to work with Karen going forward. Thanks Karen, I would

recommend your services any day- you have made such a difference to us..

22. Mar, 2017

Nicky Burton

After the very first visit from Karen my dogs have become completely different dogs. Within 24 hrs the change has been amazing. Can't thank Karen enough. No more yapping Jack Russell's..

2. Mar, 2017

Claire Woodward

We asked Karen to visit our 14 month old Shih Tzu who was being reactive to other dogs and strangers both in the home and out walking. Karen soon explained that it was a fear issue and due to us as owners not setting clear boundaries, our little dog had
become a very confused boy!! Karen gave us an insight as to why he was reacting as he was in different situations and showed me solutions to some of the issues. Within a couple of days of Karen's visit we now have a more confident dog who is beginning to understand
we make the decisions and not him! We were certainly the ones who required the "training" but we now feel confident enough to put in place what Karen suggested. It really was amazing watching Karen interact with our dog, she is so confident, calm, reassuring
and professional and never makes you feel that it's all been your fault. Karen points out your mistakes then gives you solutions and the confidence to move forward. We still have a way to go but the difference in our dog already is beyond belief. Looking forward
to the next visit from Karen to continue the excellent work. I would recommend Karen in a heartbeat.

22. Feb, 2017

Vanessa Warwick

Karen went out of her way to meet me at my house, easing the transition of my 15-month-old 40kg (!) puppy into our household as I was worried about my cat. I've been using her tips and tricks and have no problems controlling my dog. I was so impressed
watching her, my dog listened to her every word and she was in complete control. It's great to see and learn from, and she's given me confidence that I can achieve this, too :)

9. Dec, 2016

Jo Plumbly

We contacted Karen to help with aggressive undesirable behaviours which had become a habit for our puppy. Karen's straightforward approach quickly gained respect from him, and then she gave us explanations of why the puppy was growling and biting, identified
situations where the behaviour would happen, and then gave us a number of solutions which worked. Two weeks later, we have an obedient and happy puppy who is much more settled and has stopped all of the problem behaviour. Karen has a relaxed and friendly manner
that put everyone at ease. I would recommend her to anyone with similar problems.

27. Nov, 2016

Angie Aldous

After my frenchie attacked another dog unexpectedly I lost my confidence taking him out. Karen took me out on a 'confidence walk' & showed me exactly what to do when my dog showed aggression towards others, she explained exactly why he was behaving this
way & how my own behaviour & reactions were affecting his. Everything made sense & after only 1 session friends & family noticed the difference in him. I now feel happy & relaxed about taking him out & he is a much happier dog for it. Thanks Karen, I would
recommend your services any day- you have made such a difference to us �

25. Nov, 2016


I have 2 beautiful female mastiff x Rottweiler, & a parsons jack Russell who have been totally transformed by Karen's advice and very simple techniques both in the home and out walking... I cannot thank you enough and am really enjoying my well behaved
dogs 🐶 right from the offset it was a dramatic change & they have all progressed so quickly! Karen is such a lovely down to earth professional lady who clearly loves what she does. Over the moon with the results, we will continue to improve daily.

9. Oct, 2016

Tracy Carr

Hi, Karen helped us with our dog Charlie who was totally in charge of our house. Now we are back in charge and we have a happy home again. We were thinking we couldn't keep Charlie as we didn't know where we were going wrong. Who knew it was us that needed
training more than Charlie. Thank you Karen for helping us to keep this really clever, amazing dog

3. Oct, 2016

Rebecca Turner

"Many Thanks

We had a visit from Karen to help us with Lunar, our very anxious 6 month old Mastiff X Ridgeback pup,who barks and growls at just about everyone and everything which causes us to become anxious when we take her anywhere.

She helped me understand what's going on in Lunars head and how to deal with the anxiousness.

After one visit and implementing what Karen advised I can already see a remarkable change in her behaviour.

Can't recommend Karen enough, she is so calm confident which made the experience a real positive one for both Lunar and I.

Looking forward to joining the Sunday classes"

7. Jun, 2016

Anna Lucy and Bobo

Relaxed & calm - at last!

There is no words that can describe this awful feeling, when you have a dog that goes mental every time it sees another dog and whatever you try doing it just happens over and over again... embarrassment, stress, anxiety, shame, anger, frustration.. many of
those were my day -to-day routine. I have a beautiful German Sheppard girl adopted 1,5 years ago and a small Napoleon (Mix of God only know what) -tiny dog with a great personality. Walking those two was a challenge - we ended up walking st stupid times of
the night to avoid other dogs and get some relaxation and exercise. And then I met Karen. And I understood how much of their behavior is generated by me, I was given the tools to get things right.. and within 24 hours we had most amazing and relaxing walk
ever. I love my dogs but as it happens with any love - it's not words - it's the deeds that matter! I finally understood why things are the way they are and how to get it back on track! A long way ahead with training and learning for all 3 of us but hey..
it's exciting! it's a great, wonderful feeling to be in control and live with two fantastic canines who are as willing as me to get things right. if you have a problem just call Karen - no point of getting frustrated because all the help you need is here!

7. Jun, 2016

Kat Kokoszka

Dog Training

Karen has helped me both with my bouncy boxer and my small dauschund. Her training techniques are easy to follow and make sense once you hear the reasoning behind them. Karen is very friendly and easy to talk to and alsways goes the extra mile with struggles
I may have. Thank you for everything.

7. Jun, 2016

Lisa Barnes Metcalfe

Chocolate labrador trials

Karen has helped me with my 2 chocolate Labradors, Barney was hard for me to walk or control, and meeting other dogs & people was a nightmare. I now have more control & feel that I am in charge not him. We go regularly to her training & agility classes that
are great at socialising him with other dogs. Thank you

7. Jun, 2016

Steph Davies

Excellent Dog Trainer.

I called Karen at Dogma Dog Training for a number of issues I had with my Labrador Puppy for example; Pulling on the lead (an embarrassment to take for a walk) fear around other dogs, trying to dominate over the family, I have been working with Karen and my
lab for sometime now on these issues, and the improvement is just amazing, I couldn't ask for a better trainer to work with, my Labrador adores her which makes it a lot easier to train. Karen has so much confidence in what she does which gives me the confidence
to learn and put the actions into place which have clearly worked. I could not recommend Karen enough.

Her classes she holds are excellent too, fun for the dogs and owners.

22. Mar, 2016

Nigel Wright

Wow,what can I say, no words can express how wonderful Karen has been in helping us with a excitable boxer puppy, within two days "Charlie" has been a different puppy , no jumping up when anyone comes in the house, dog walking is excellent now & he does
as he's told the first time we tell him to do something. 10/10

20. Oct, 2015

Chris Farmiloe

Well Sunday was Jemms first session. I don't know who learned the most, me or Jemm!!!! She actually surprised me how quick she can pick things up, she was great. I am really proud of her. We are looking forward to our next session, roll on next Sunday.

17. Oct, 2015


Really enjoyed the last class. Cassie is doing really well. Good training, good fun and friendly people. Thanks Karen for all the advice and support.

2. Oct, 2015

John and Pauline Ponter

Hello Karen,

We would like to reflect back to you how helpful the training sessions have been

for the three of us, and how grateful we are to you. Most of the time now (not all!) Benjy's behaviour in meeting other dogs has been transformed. His attachment to us is clearly stronger, and much of the stress and anxiety has gone. We are aware that it is
us who have had to change to enable Benjy to change.

The discipline and routine which you emphasise we would hope to keep up. We are aware that it is all too easy for bad habits to creep back in. We might have prefered to have a proper 'ending', but things conspired against us. We cannot use the Sunday times,
and Wednesday is obviously not on. If we run into difficulties, or feel we need some support, we would come back to you. Would it be possible to continue to have news of what you are doing? Thank you again for what you have given us. John, Pauline and Benjy

27. Jun, 2015


A good blog and will have a go at the yes, no cues before training on Wednesday. Looking forward to class.