26. Apr, 2015

Name Recognition

Use this exercise to ensure your pet will recognize and respond to his/her name in any given situation. Good name recognition is an important safeguard for your pet just like a good recall. Start by saying your dog’s name frequently and  rewarding them  when they look at you and/ or come to you. Positive reinforcement should be a small food reward or whatever motivates your dog. Your voice naturally changes with daily life and reflects whatever may be going on at the time. Never abuse this trust by calling your dog to you for punishment or if you are going to do something, like bathing them and this is something they wouldn’t normally like. Your dog must always associate their name with something positive. If your dog needs to be interrupted from an undesired behaviour use an interruption cue such as clapping your hands loudly or using the negative marker word/ sound and go towards your dog to move him away or distract him from the environment or ongoing behaviour. Name recognition and recall cues must always result in a positive outcome for your dog to be successful.