26. Apr, 2015

Useful Information to Ensure Your Success.

While dogs are in a static position they should be rewarded constantly to condition this position, don’t pay attention to other people walking their dogs around you concentrate on communicating with the dog at your side by dropping food between their feet while in a down and offering food from above while they are in a sit. When you feel your dog moving away from your focus because another dog is passing remind your dog to leave by giving the appropriate correction and word. “Leave or No”

At next week’s class we will cover all agility equipment. Separate into groups and work each piece twice and then move onto the next, this way we will all keep moving and hopefully keep warm. Also keeping the dogs interested.  I will move between each piece to help with any difficulties you may have and if you need help don’t be afraid to ask. I will also take everyone, one at a time to work on individual exercises and help with any other problems you may have.

Doing agility for me is more about building trust and teamwork with your dog and should always be taught with a happy and encouraging tone. When your dog has finished an exercise, no matter how well you think they did they need to be praised enthusiastically.

Remember don’t be a robot and have fun.


Thanks to everyone looking forward to seeing you all next.