30. Apr, 2015

Chris's thoughts on class

We were all a bit nervous during the first training session held on Wednesday 22 April 2015. All strangers, with one person in common, Karen.
Dogs with different issues and owners wary of what to do and how their dog would react. Soon we were all standing close, walking next to and around each other with no issues. With the ice broken and nerves settled, the dogs were relaxed and very attentive to their owner and not what was going on around them. No agility was attempted this week as Karen was focussing on introducing and building confidence.

The second session, last night, Wednesday 29 April, was very relaxed and soon after Karen explained each apparatus, everyone was walking around the agility course with growing confidence, attempting the obstacles and jumps with various amounts of success. We were all visibly more relaxed and totally focused on what we wanted our best friend to do. Posture, communication and verbal triggers were so much better and we were rewarded with some great success on certain apparatus. Considering the progress after only two sessions, I can't wait to see the strides we can make next week. Well done to everyone who attended this weeks class. The confidence and connection was great to see.

A very proud moment for us at Dogma Dog School.
Chris Rhino