7. May, 2015

Last Nights Class

A really enjoyable evening at DDS. Beginning with the structure of a recall and how to gain and keep focus from your dog. I like to think of the toy or treat, whichever you use to maintain focus, as having an invisible piece of string attached to your dog's nose. So where ever your hand containing the reward goes the nose will follow, if you try to think of it like this  you will begin to rely less on your lead to control your dog's position, which is one of my main goals for you as competant handlers of controlled and happy dogs. Eventually, we no longer use the food or need the lead because your dog is being conditioned to follow your hand signals until the exercise is finished. Learning to expect reward at the end instead of all the way through the exercise.

SIT reward

WAIT reward


NAME and "COME" reward


NAME and "COME" reward

SIT reward

FINISH reward


So for the next week please work at teaching your dog the structured recall. Working each step indivually until it is proven acurate. Teaching your dog to follow the reward into position, whatever that position may be. Reward frequently to start with so you don't loose the focus throughout any exercise. 

As a seperate exercise teach your dog to follow your hand in a circle or a figure eight while you maintain a static position.