7. May, 2015

Overview of Week Three

Last night was our third session in as many weeks. A real special well-done to everyone who has attended all three sessions. The effort you have put in personally is there to see and witness. The nerves are gone now and the dogs are really focussed on their pack leader. Karen initially worked on short re-call and the dogs responded really well. It takes time and patience and we were rewarded with some success all round. On to the agility and I was surprised at the confidence ...shown by handlers, never mind the dogs. Literally every dog did the ramp and all did the jumps and tunnel. Truly remarkable in such a short time. Trigger words are causing a bit of confusion because of all the different apparatus, but that will come with time and your own efforts after school. Body posture, hand signals and verbal commands so much more confident, awesome work there but still room for improvement. Please give yourselves all the credit you certainly deserve. It is such a pleasure to see. The pictures speak volumes for the work you have obviously all been doing at home, after and during DogMa's lessons. Well done to everyone. See you all next week. Can't wait!! Chris Nutt Photgrapher.