21. May, 2015

Have a Plan

Most things in life we have to make a plan for, such as going on holiday, starting a new job or teaching our dog what we expect from them. The goal when it comes to our dog, I think is to have a well behaved and sociable canine companion, who we can have fun with and be proud of. Having a plan is important if you want to stay on track and not only teach your dog what you want but to also develop your skills as a dog trainer to enable you to reach your ultimate goal together. To help you I have made a plan for you, incorporating some of what we have covered in class so far;

  • Structured Recall X 4 (Sit reward, Wait reward, Come reward)

  • Change of Position X 4 (Sit reward, Down reward, Stand reward)

  • Heel Position X 4(Using a treat keep your dogs head by your side and make a small circle anti clockwise and then clockwise, rewarding after each rotation)

The above Plan of 12 exercises should be repeated a minimum of three times a day in various locations to build your dog’s tolerance to distraction and ended with a game or a huge fuss for a job well done. Remember that hand signals and body posture are important to your dog when training so please be consistent and fluid, matching your dogs energy levels.