31. Jul, 2015

Proving an Exercise

When teaching our dogs an exercise we normally start with minimal distractions and sometimes consider this enough and that our dog's response is reliable to the vocal command in the future. This is somewhat true, if you live in a completely predictable enviroment. So it's a really good idea to make the exercises more dificult to obey and maintain by adding distractions to your training schedule and doing the exercises in as many different environments as possible. As an example tell your dog to sit and without saying anything bounce or roll a ball across your dog's path. Would your dog maintain the position or get up to follow the ball? To make sure we have a reliable response when working with our dogs it so important to train in as many different situations as possible so that the dog is desensitised to outside distractions and isn't tempted to ignore its handler. Make an effort to do this for your dog to become proven and reliable. The image above is Nelle and Khaly in a down stay while I am throwing bread around for the birds. Be imaginative, it will also teach you to be a resourceful trainer!