14. Mar, 2020

Unknowingly Creating Instability.

I've just been to a client with a rescue Chihuahua who is 1 year old. My client has had Jasper for a month. To her knowledge he has had no house training and little no social exposure and since she has had him he has never been to the toilet anywhere other than in the house. Not even on a walk! This little dog has been continually nurtured while in a fearful insecure state. My client like most thought that by permanently cuddling him she was being kind but this only reassures his insecurity. After my interception and showing my client how to treat him like a dog. I got him to have his first Poo in the garden within the first hour of my being there and one hour after I left my client gleefully text me to say Jasper had his first Wee in the garden. Lesson today dont nurture a weak state people, it can cause the dog to shut down in many areas that should be natural like in this case using his nose and defecating outside.

by DogMa