9. Dec, 2021

Selectively Socialising Dogs

Those who have a new puppy a crucial part of their development is being properly socialised with other dogs. Please be selective and only choose dogs that are good role models and that display a strong trust and connection to their owners. Dogs that are overly excited and display no self control, which sadly is more common today, are NOT the right dogs for your puppy to meet. Dogs who are in front of their owners on the end of a flexible leash or off leash, head high and moving at speed in your direction, no matter how friendly, can be overwhelming for a puppy and if you like the picture this dog and its owner portray you are only creating the same for your dog by allowing them to meet. Keeping your dog in a calm neutral head space will keep them out of trouble in the long run.  Set your puppy up for success. If you don't know how then call DogMa or an experienced trainer in your area who can help you.

by DogMa